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Carlingford Oysters

Located 50 miles north of Dublin, the medieval village of Carlingford is reputed to be the most picturesque village in Ireland. The Carlingford Oyster Company is a cornerstone of the village, supplying the main ingredient for its annual oyster festival.

It takes around three years for the company to nurture a fully-grown oyster, first introduced to Carlingford Lough at fingernail size and placed in fine mesh bags. Hand-turned at regular intervals, the oysters are handpicked then placed through a purification process for 42 hours to kill any bacteria or viruses that may have been present.

James Knight chose Carlingford as its main rock oyster supplier because of the full flavour of the Company’s oysters. Like wine, oysters gain much of their flavour from their terroir, reflecting the minerals, salinity and the type of algae they eat in the water. A Carlingford oyster is full, creamy and rich with a distinct metallic zing.

Kian Louet from Carlingford Oysters says, “We take pride in producing the best quality oysters we can, currently around 2 million per year. Because of the potential health risks associated with oysters, we have meticulous processes in place to ensure that our products are purified, sampled, tested and tested again to eliminate any risk. It means that James Knight’s customers have peace of mind that they have nature’s finest natural ingredients in their kitchens.”

“My tips on how get the best out of your oyster? First chew it a little! It allows the flavours to fully develop and will help you become a connoisseur. And why not experiment by cooking your oyster, rather than eating them raw – oyster Rockefeller is a classic dish that we never tire of”, concludes Kian.

Whitelink Seafood

At the heart of the cold wet Scottish fishing industry lies the traditional fishing port of Fraserburgh. And at the heart of Fraserburgh lies Whitelink Seafood’s, one of the UK’s most advanced and quality-conscious fish processors of monktails and primefish.

80% of the UK fish catch is landed in Scotland, Fish caught overnight and first thing in the morning, are transported quickly too James Knight Of Mayfair for maximum freshness; and graded,prepared for our chefs, before delivery.

Norwegian Skrei Cod

In Norway, something extraordinary happens every year. Between January and April, millions of migrating cod undertake their annual journey from the Barents Sea, travelling thousands of miles back to their spawning grounds along the northern part of the Norwegian coast.

As these fish migrate over vast distances, the flesh of these powerful fish becomes exceptionally firm, white and supple. Only the very best of these migrating species become graded as Skrei cod, satisfying very strict criteria:

  • only 10% of fish are caught, to ensure stocks are sustained for the future
  • all fish are line-caught from day boats
  • the fish must be fully grown (about five years old) and in pristine condition with no scratches or bruising

It is packaged within 12 hours of being caught, making it a premium – yet competitively priced – fish, which has been certified by the MSC.

James Knight supplies Skrei cod when it’s in season, with all fish line-tagged for complete peace of mind.

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