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Our commitment to the environment


We want to be admired for our stance on sustainable fish and protecting the environment and we are committed to using the most energy-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable methods in the packaging and distribution of our products – as well as the running of our office and production areas.

How we package our fish

The stock we purchase arrives to us in bulky polystyrene boxes, which can amount to hundreds of boxes every week. Thanks to our investment in a compactor, these are now all recycled for building insulation use.

For the next stage of the process – distributing to our customers – we use fish boxes that are made from recycled compostable cardboard.

How we ship and transport the fish

Our fleet of vans have historically been powered by cleaner diesel engines and we are constantly looking to reduce our CO2 emissions and our next step is our move to a completely Electric Fleet of Vans. Our investment in a logistical software program has also aided us in reducing our mileage.

We also have a unique and growing fleet of Electric Trikes that we use to deliver our fish in London quickly and safely yet with absolute minimum impact on the environment.

How we run our office and production facility

We undertake regular carbon audits of our office and working practices to ensure we are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. These include increasing the energy efficiency of our chillers and cooling system and increasing recycling of paper, plastic and glass.

We have also introduced a water management programme which has reduced our usage by 25% each year since implementation.

Promens Recyclable Boxes

In our constant drive for sustainability we have been using Promens packaging as much as possible.

Their boxes are made from 100% recyclable HDPE plastic made from recycled materials and which includes at least 60% recycled from their very own boxes!

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