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 Community Support Is Important

Our aim is to be the most trusted and admired seafood business in London and the South East.

Trusted by our customers, staff and suppliers; admired by all for our strong beliefs in sustainability and sustainable fishing methods.

Against a backdrop of dwindling wild fish stocks, CSR for us is not just a soundbite; it has been a way of life for many years.

At the heart of our CSR initiatives is education – educating our customers and our local communities about practical ways to change their buying habits to protect fish supplies for future generations.

Sustainability: schools and colleges

The issue of sustainability is now on the curriculum of most primary and secondary schools, as well as many catering colleges.

In the BBC programme Blue Planet 2, David Attenborough highlighted the plight of our seas if we do not care for them.

We care.

Our fishmongers give talks and demonstrations to pupils at each of these levels, discussing the species that should be avoided and promoted, the relative merits of wild versus farmed fish, as well as the issue of food miles.

RNLI support

Our suppliers – commercial fishermen – risk their lives and their livelihoods every time they leave port.

In waters around the UK, around 100 workers are killed or seriously injured every year, and so when a vessel encounters problems it’s vital to have trusted people to call upon.

The RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew and lifeguards save lives at sea whatever the weather, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

James Knight of Mayfair financially donates to this highly professional search and rescue service, to help them serve coastal communities in the UK and Eire.

Royal Society for Culinary Arts

We have been a long-term sponsor of this fine establishment.

Each year we invite groups of young people looking to excel in the food and catering industry.

We cover the art of safe fish filleting, cutting and preparation and help to grow their knowledge of seasonal and sustainable catch methods and species and doing the right thing to protect the environment.

The Craft Guild of Chefs

We are a sponsor of the Craft Guild of Chefs. We actively support the training of young chefs.

Each year we invite groups of young chefs to learn the art of safe, fish filleting, cutting and preparation.

We help to grow their knowledge of seasonal and sustainable catch methods and species to serve to customers, care for the environment and protect the reputations of the establishments they work in.

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